Installation products
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DP7‑S‑611‑02 Touch display free@home 7" white
DP7‑S‑625‑02 Touch display free@home 7" black
83121/1‑664‑500 Input modul, Outdoor video St. 1 gang white
83402U‑689‑500 Inst. Box, flush-mounted, Size 1/3, grey
83402AP‑689‑500 Inst. Box, surface-mounted, Size 1/3, white
M21311P1‑A‑02 Mini outdoor video station one button SM aluminium
M21362P1‑A‑02 Mini outdoor video station one button RFID-reader FM aluminium
M21312P2‑A‑02 Mini outdoor video station 2 buttons RFID SM aluminium
83300‑500 Controller and supply device of the ABB-Welcome system, MDRC
M2300‑02 System controller
M2301‑02 Mini system controller
83342‑500‑02 IP-Gateway 10U
CP‑D24/0.42 Power supply, 24 V DC, 0.42 A, MDRC
CP‑D24/2.5 Power supply, 24 V DC, 2.5 A, MDRC
CP‑D24/4.2 Power supply, 24 V DC, 4.2 A, MDRC

For ABB-free@homeĀ® and ABB-Welcome. For the central control of up to 16 configurable functions and display of the video image of an ABB-Welcome outdoor station.